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Our Support for Black Lives Matter

Art by Sarah Ayaqi Whalen-Lunn (Instagram: @inkstitcher)

As an institution representing Native Americans, we profess an unequivocal unity with the objectives of the Black Lives Matter movement. The devaluing of Native lives is only equalled by those of Black lives. Only Natives have a higher rate of police brutality and deaths at the hands of overzealous policing actions. The inherent injustices for both are race based and need adjudication in addition to a deeper cultural metamorphosis. The heartache at the suffering and loss of countless innocent people of color throughout American history is now under global scrutiny. It is an injustice of profound proportions.

The current fervor of disdain, distaste, defiance and a demand for enduring resolution over ethnic inequities has occurred because society has never solved the core causes of the problems. Economic justice, opportunity, education, and basic human respect have been trampled by the greed for power and possessions. The love of land and money has led to slavery and genocide. 

It is with fervent, adamant and unwavering conviction that the Museum of the American Indian supports the BLM Movement. We will work tirelessly to promote equity for all people of color and the gender spectrum through our education and communication of the culture of those who resided over the thousands of years here in North America. We do so in alliance with our brothers and sisters of BLM.


The Board and Staff of The Museum of the American Indian

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