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At the Museum of the American Indian we proudly share with our community experiences that help to foster a deeper understanding of American Indian cultures and traditions. Our goal is to advocate for the Indigenous people of the Americas accurately and sensitively. We have developed a range of educational and informational opportunities to contribute to our American Indian community and the general public.

We offer a variety of education experiences such as our educational tours. The tours can accommodate all ages and explore the history and culture of California Indians as well as a general overview of Native perspectives from all over the Americas. Our tours specifically geared toward school-aged children provide an inspiring educational experience that satisfies the State of California Curriculum for Social Studies. Some of the other educational programing we offer includes seasonal workshops that focus on traditional arts and skills of Indigenous tribes. The public can attend lectures from scholars, artists, naturalists, and tribal representatives from all over the Americas. We also feature rotating exhibitions that explore traditional creative and functional arts. The Museum is proud to present annual public events such as the Trade Feast as well as storytelling presentations and poetry readings.

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