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Museum Recovers with Healing Drumming

Last month the museum was fortunate to host an event with songs for healing and blessings. The event opened with a beautiful prayer and song offered up by our board president Henry Frank. The White Buffalo Woman Council, a group of women, shared songs that were gifted to them or composed by them including, “I Am From” written by member Sabrina Ferreira Clifton. Midway through the event, Sacheen Littlefeather stood to share her wisdom and speak about the power of Native song and spirituality.

The drumming and songs captivated many park visitors who stopped, listened and stayed. Dez Mikkelson, an MAI board member and singer on the drum, shared the song titles. The titles offer just the slightest feeling of the power of the music: Sky World, Woman Warrior Song, I Am From, Mother, I Feel You Under My Feet, Humble Song, Wildflower, Water Song and Strong Woman Song. Each song was distinct and deeply felt throughout the audience. Over a hundred people were in attendance and the event ended with the group holding hands in song. Attendees left feeling uplifted and a little more in touch with human interconnectedness. To end the day, MAI’s director Victoria Canby offered information about sustainable ways to have access to medicinal plants like white sage, mugwort and tobacco. She offered community members free medicinal plants and seeds to take home for personal use.

It was a blessed day and it was wonderful to see MAI bringing community together again.


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