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Leadership and Board Changes

We are pleased to announce that the Museum of the American Indian (MAI) is now under full Native American leadership with Native American board president, vice president and executive director. This is a hugely important shift for the museum and Native visibility in Marin County. In early January, Henry Frank was elected our new board president. Henry, Pomo and Yurok, is an artist and a photographer. His training in non-violent communication and creative background will help the museum to grow as an organization. Greg Reza our new vice president, has ancestors who came from Central Mexico from the region of the Guachichiles tribe. Greg works for Marin County Parks as a ranger and volunteer coordinator. His passion for teaching about the environment and leadership skills are a great contribution to the board. Under this new Indigenous leadership, MAI is excited to further advocate for Native Americans, uplift Native voices and to create a space for Native people in Marin to find community.

Congratulations to Henry and Greg!


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