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A Message of Indigenous Resilience


"The land knows you, even when you are lost."

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Dear Relatives and Allies,

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, we are honored to share important updates from the Museum of the American Indian, rooted in Indigenous perspectives and guided by the spirit of the Coast Miwok Nation.

  1. Honoring Ancestral Homelands: The Museum acknowledges its presence on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Coast Miwok Nation. We express our deepest respect and gratitude to the Coast Miwok peoples, the stewards of this land for countless generations.

  2. A Proud Moment: It is with great pride that the Museum is now led by Dean Hoaglin, a Tamal'ko Coast Miwok from the Huukuiko Band in the village of Etcha Tamal, as President and Chair of the Board. This signifies a crucial step towards authentic Indigenous leadership within the Museum.

  3. A Season of Reflection and Renewal: As winter blankets Turtle Island and Native American lands, we embrace this season of slowing down, reflection, and ceremony. It is a spiritual time, an opportunity to reconnect with our roots, and align our actions with our values for the upcoming year.

  4. Mission Reinforcement: Our resolve to amplify Indigenous visibility and uphold cultural traditions remains stronger than ever. The winter season prompts reflection, and we stand committed to fostering a sense of pride and connection through our Grand Re-Opening on April 27, 2024.

  5. Narratives, Exhibition Spaces and Programs: The Museum is on a transformative journey, reshaping the way stories are told. We are committed to continuing to decolonize our exhibition spaces and programs, where Indigenous Peoples share their own narratives and determine exhibition content. Our decolonization efforts focus on truthfulness, accountability, rethinking ownership, organizational culture shift, and Indigenous representation. We strive for an ethically sustainable shift that recognizes Indigenous sovereignty and knowledge.

  6. Preserving Traditional Knowledge: Protecting sacred spaces, sustainable livelihoods, and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge is crucial. Indigenous Peoples receive less than half a percent of philanthropic dollars, hindering our vital work. Your support enables us to provide critical education, share sustainable practices, and preserve traditional ecological wisdom to combat climate change.

  7. Join Us in Creating Change: We invite you to join us in amplifying Indigenous narratives, sharing untold stories, bridging the gap between communities, and supporting the shift towards a more inclusive and respectful future. Your generosity enables us to continue this vital work.

In envisioning the future, let's work together to build healthier communities and a planet rooted in respect and understanding. We extend my deepest appreciation for your ongoing support. May this new year bring forth positive transformations rooted in Indigenous resilience and shared understanding.

Wishing you a meaningful year ahead,

The Board of the Museum of the American Indian

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