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We are so thankful for all who came to the 2019 Trade Feast. We know everyone simply had a great time and will include numerous pictures in coming months as confirmation. We have included a link to a great video of Eddie Madril (click on image below) courtesy of Erik Gordon Bainbridge.

Typically our events begin with our Trustee Robert Baguio performing traditional drumming and then smudging the venue and people with sage. This year was no different. Robert is Pomo, a citizen of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, and he beckons the ancestral spirits to join with the crowd and bless and cleanse in order to enjoy the festivities of the day. Thank you, Robert.

In the words of the near past Mayor of Novato, this year was an “incredible community event”. It was. We’re so thankful for all the assistance the City of Novato extended to the event from beginning to end. Miwok Park is one of its jewels, and we’re proudly located right in the center of it. Thanks, Novato, for co-sponsoring this event.


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