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Colleen Hicks grew up in Northern Idaho in the mining/smelter town of Kellogg. She received her Masters in Management from Sonoma State University, which has been helpful with her work with nonprofits for the last twenty years. She served on the Board of Directors at Commonweal and was a Trustee for the Bolinas-Stinson Beach Unified School District. Her paternal grandfather was a Native American and her maternal grandmother was a Daughter of the Revolution. She has been the Director of the Museum of the American Indian since March 2005.

Board of Directors

John Newman, President
Paul Hutcheson, Vice President
Cris MacKenzie, Secretary
Ed Grundstrom, Treasurer
Gene Buvelot
Arthur Scott
John Faraisbaskets
Nahid Angha
Peter Nelson
Peter Churchill
Betty Goerke, Trustee
Jody Martin, Trustee

Board of Advisors

D'Shane Barnett
Bradley Marshall
Edward Willie
Kathleen Smith
Eric Wilder
Marty Meade
David Escobar


Exhibition for Sale!

Precious Cargo California Indian Cradle Baskets and Childbirth Traditions


February 26th & 27th

2011 Marin Show: Art of the Americas

Marin Center & Embassy Suites, San Rafael, CA

Art of the Americas celebrates its 27th year as the most substantive and extensive ongoing showcase focused on antique American Indian, Pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial and contemporary American Indian art.



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